Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Planet Neptune Report...

For when you think you can't possible be on Earth anymore because of the news stories, you can claim you are on Planet Neptune!

Whale Excrement could help fight climate change, link to story is here.

"Researchers from the Australian Antarctic Division found that the naturally iron-rich whale excrement encourages growth of algae, therefore drawing more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere." Eastern Washington state housewives that drive to Idaho to buy dishwasher soap that cleans enjoyed reading the virtues of brown algae in the ocean. I believe they now can argue using dishwasher soap that cleans dishes is good for the environment.

"Advocates of "geo-engineering" have suggesed dumping iron filings in the sea to 'fertilise' the oceans but this offers a more natural process. " Wonder how many coastal tax payers in OZ land are taxed to clean up the ocean, now the suggestion is to throw iron filings into ocean? OZ Navy, quick offer your services to provide turning iron trash into filings in the ocean. What possessed scientists to study whale poop anyways?

Two Dutch mini-dress models arrested after defying FIFA

The author name has to be made up. Orange mini dresses. There is something about that orange color that has me thinking: Prison warden into watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show might be getting new ideas to prevent returning guests of the state.

If they are advertising beer, why are they hold soda bottles? I can understand not wanting to lose marketing dollars to people are are skirting around rules... but Arizona is having a huge problem that makes the mini-skirt story look silly. Check out Woodsterman'sBlog for information on Arizona.


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Thank you Sonia ...

Don't you love arrogant bastards on the left that think they are all powerful and can "save" this planet. This planet's self healing properties have been proven time and time again over 4.5 Billion (with a "B") years! AND Al Gore is a Rich opportunistic whore ... Don't get me started Sonia.

Supi said...

I won't stop you! lol.