Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This 9 year in operation 10 gallon tank was covered with green spot algae. I tried various discourage green spot algae growth methods from the aquatic plants forum. I put the fish from this tank into the 29 gallon tank. I scraped off the algae with a credit card. I wasn't able to get the upper corners green spot scraped off. Since the gravel was covered in it, I removed the gravel and replaced with pool filter sand. I removed all the water and refilled the tank. I said, "What the heck, I am going to do an experiment since there are no fish in the tank". Repeat for the fish police, NO FISH are in the tank. NONE. ZIPPO. NADA. I put the plants that were not thriving from the other tanks into this tank. Then I put in Ochid Plus fertilizer into the tank. 20-14-13 N-P-K. Nitrogen, phosphorous and Potassium. People on the aquatic boards were saying putting land plant ferts into the tank would cause a Biblical proportions algae bloom from P. I am still waiting for this Biblical Proportion algae bloom. It has been 6 weeks. No algae of any kind has developed. Matter of fact the green spot algae went away on the heater. I am questioning the theory phosphates are the sole cause of algae blooms in lakes. My little water study doesn't really prove all that much in the big scheme of lakes.

This is my 56 gallon tall tank. It is great for the big angelfish to swim around in. It is 24 inches high. The lighting for plant growth in this tall tank is not all that great. It makes it harder to do beautiful aquascaping. I thinned down the plants in this tank so it looks a little bare right now. Quite a few of the small fish in this tank are 9 years old. The huge pleco is hiding.

Here's the 29 gallon jungle tank. Right now I am letting the plants over grow so I can move them to the other tanks.


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Looking good Sonia. When I had fish tanks, I used the algae eating sucker fish.

Supi said...

The 29 gal tank I have 2 kinds of algae eaters. The big tank, the huge algae eater has developed a taste for brine shrimp, eggs, and blood worms.
The 10 gal tank the doofus algae eaters watched the stuff grow.