Saturday, March 19, 2011

Here and there....

My son said my computer mouse is sensitive. The mouse has been over zealous when using the click. When my son had his old position at his company he would run to the back and get a mouse for the employee. I get.. you have a sensitive mouse and pat on the head.  I asked my husband if we had any another computer mouse. I have visions my husband and my son keep the extra computer mice in a glass aquarium with shredded newspaper and hamster wheel. I stay out of their organized mess because I would not be able find what I wanted anyways. The mouse that replaced overzealous  mouse needs sledge hammer to get the click to work.

Update on the BPP: My son is missing a W2. He came home before the landlord did. He discovered the USPS drops the mail on the doorstep because there is no mailbox. He realizes the reason why he is missing mail is because it is blowing in the wind. He put a mailbox for the landlord. I am so glad he called on the phone.

While on the subject of my son, he ran off with my camera to go to a sci fi convention. He promised he would take pictures of the outrageous costumes. I promised to choke him if he doesn't return the camera in working order. Don't worry folks, I am too short to do any harm to him.

Yesterday, my husband started his project of painting the trim on the house. I have so much fun watching him paint. Remember, he has MS so he basically looks like a drunk that doesn't have sense enough to stay off the ladder. He was feeling pretty well to do the task. He was having so much fun slapping the paint brush against the trim. Being an artist, I understand the need to paint. I used a roller on a stick to help him out and to listen for the scream that he has fallen and can't get up. Fortunately, he didn't fall.

In the evening, it was Princess Pounce time. Princess Pounce time is basically the dog watching me do stupid stuff to entertain her. I throw a stick and fetch the same stick. She used to be a great frisbee catcher, but those days are long gone. I looked up at the sky. It is a thunder cloud stampede heading our way. Pounce wanted to remain outdoors. I came in and listened for the first thunder clap because she has severe fear of thunder. I heard it then told my husband that I'm going to let Pounce in because it is thundering. He said, "What thunder? The sky is clear!" Honey, go look outside. He looks. He starts to rant he painted today. He won't be able to paint for several days because the ladder will sink in the flower beds. Rain wasn't in the forecast. Later in the evening it started to hail. Both my husband and my dog spent the night being freaked out.

Another glass of wine!


stopsign said...

You deserve the whole bottle of wine.

BTW Did you get the pictures of the costumes or are you still waiting on the safe return of your camera?

Supi said...

@Stopsign - My son said he will be home Sunday night. I have no idea when we will see him.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Thanks for sharing Supi. I give hubby a standing-O for effort! My Mom had Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), or as "Lou Gehrig's Disease" so I can relate.

As to a mouse, I have always found that getting one brand new is the best solution being the ones lying around are doing so for a reason.

Like Stopsign I look forward to you posting the pics your son took.

Supi said...

@Christoper - I am so sorry to hear your mom had ALS. It is a horrible disease.

I am feeling a little easier now that my son is back from Dallas to help me lift up my husband if he falls and doesn't break any bones.

Believe I will get a new mouse some time this week.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Well my pretty, you have entertained me again. The mouses, meces, mooses, those clicky things are set on my computer. My system preferences on the computer has settings for the sensitivity.

Must be winter ... a half a dozen snowmobiles just went down the street.

Supi said...

@Odie - Eek.. You still have snow. Be gone, Snow!