Sunday, February 20, 2011

Where's Mr. O?

 I found this news article from The Colorado Independent about Michelle's vacation in Vail. One comment is accusing the author of plagiarism and tells the thief he owes a by-line and a check to the original writer. Prez didn't travel with the Mrs and children on this President's Holiday weekend. The article didn't say what the Mr. is up to for the 3 day weekend. I worry when those 2 are separated. It is smoke and mirrors time.

What is interesting is the writer wrote that Al Gore was in Aspen on Friday. So Al get the billing where's he is at but not Mr. O. Even Dan Qualye, Dick Cheney, Bush 1, Bush 2 and Biden names are thrown into to the article to distract the reader from asking "Where's the Mr.?".

The reporters are busy racing to Wisconsin instead of covering her Vail trip. The students are equating this to the 60's protests and don't even know why they are there. Students get a clue why you are there. Nitwits if you want the full '60's experience you gotta leave home and travel by thumbing your way across America. Remember, the 60's travelers lived on love, not money.

Michelle isn't very concern about the students of Wisconsin that are not getting their hot lunches and breakfast from schools that closed down so they could show the Wisconsin Taxpayers their temper tantrum. She should be telling the fleebaggers to get back to work so the children can eat. Michelle, does the thought ever occur to you that children eating 10 school meals a week might be part of the cause of childhood obesity? A lot of those meals sound like fast food paradise meals.


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Not only do 10 meals a week cause obesity, but they also cause tax payer wallet emptesity.

Supi said...

Odie - So true. You and I both are old enough to remember a time when the parents were responsible for feeding their kids at school. I've been trying to remember the last time I saw Dan Qualye's name thrown into an article. His name was thrown in for filler.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

I cannot imagine being a parent in WI right now?

The anger, the frustration and not to mention the rescheduling.

The kids have to be clueless being they are the ones who will be paying for these 'teachers' outrageous benefits in the future long after their names have been forgotten or in some cases hated. I do hope all the young athletes are enjoying missing their games as well due to this.

Supi said...

Christopher - Parents are getting doubled whammy by scrambling to find sitters and finding the money to pay for them. The teachers proved they aren't teaching them anything when the older students didn't have a clue as to why they are there.

stopsign said...

Great Post Supi, I agree there is some kind of "smoke screen" going on.

Supi said...

Stopsign - There's something go on.

Amusing Bunni said...

I get curious too, when these two are on separate vacations, Supi Esp. when mooshell goes off by herself, and meets clandestinely with operatives.
Whatever these sneaks are cooking up, we know it's BAD.

As crazy as it seems, she might even be the "brains" of the two, which isn't saying much, but I can see she wears the pants.

Supi said...

Bunni - There might be a plethora of tell all books coming in 2013.