Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Life in slow lane...

I called my eldest brother for his birthday. He is trying to tell me I am near 65. His math skills have sunk to all time wishful thinking low. I told him I have a nearly a decade and half before the big 6-5. It has me worried his thinking skill was off this much.

My husband had his cavities filled early this morning. Last night he kept reminding me that I have to get up early in the morning. I returned to automatic getting up a 5 am when I was taking care of my parents. It terrifies me how fast I reverted back to getting up at 5 am. Reveille. The way to avoid waking up for reveille is to wake up before the bugler. My dad did reveille every morning when I was growing up. I learned to wake up before he started his rendition reveille. My husband is griping that getting up at 5 am was not what he had in mind. I tell him to go back to bed. I get interested in finding out what the blue jays outside are squawking about.

The dentist played Apocalypse Now for my 2 tiny cavities. He played elevator music for my husband's cavities that turned out to be bigger than the dentist anticipated. My husband has MS and the past couple of days he has been in pain. Dentist made a wise choice in adding goofy gas to his visit.

While I am waiting in the dentist office, an old lady wobbling when she walks and her caretaker arrived. I opened the door for both of them. The old lady cracks me up. She is extremely happy and has super gleam in her eyes that says one thing: Joke in progress. She takes out her hearing aids before going to the dental chair. She is going to make the dental assistants play charades giving directions on what they want her to do. 2 pts to the super happy old lady.

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Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I completely understand how a dentist visit can be the hi-light of any ones day.