Sunday, August 4, 2013

A sign of Winds of Change?

This afternoon, my husband and I went to the mall. It has been ages since we walked through the mall. We sat down on a bench to watch people.

First thing that caught my eye, the jewelry store was being remodeled. The outside was boarded up to hide the transformation going on inside the store.  Covering the board in wallpaper was 1940's style men and women with their heads and bodies in solid blue. I thought of my mom's "theories" of what is to come to the country by styles of clothing and hairdos. This was 2nd 1940's theme I have seen recently.

It is then I started to look what and how people are wearing their clothes. 4 or 5 years ago, at our mall there was about 10% of the people walking around where their clothes fitted them correctly. The other 90% either had "jelly" rolls hanging over the hip hugger pants or their clothes were 2 to 4 sizes too big. I'm not talking about young guys wearing what I call penguin pants either.

Today, I noticed 90% of clothes people are wearing fitted correctly. 

Shoes were interesting. Majority of adult women and men opted to wear loafers or sandals with their clothing instead of athletic shoes. 

My high school is on a mission to save this little steak house restaurant that hasn't changed since the 50's. The same decor has been there since the early 80's. Back in the early 80's it looked like the place hadn't changed in 30 years. It was an over 21 restaurant/bar set up. They say the waitress has been there for at least 40 years. For a lot of us in high school, this little restaurant was coming of age 21 and it was dirt cheap to eat there. I know my friend and I ordered 2 steak dinners, 2 drinks and the bill was $12. Our food money  for each week was $20.  We considered our dinner a big splurge. This restaurant could have served us leather steaks and we would have called it great!

If the 40's styles do come back in the next 2 to 5 years......
Just how much of 40's we will have? 

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In my neighborhood I'm known as Mr. Fashion.