Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Chit Chat

Pumpkin has turned 6 months old. Tonight, she looks like Suzanne Somers with her tendrils framing her face. She played in the mud and drank water from the hose. She is a soggy doggy.

I'm giving the dogs Forti-Flora probiotics for their tear stains. It seems to be working. The dog groomer thinks their tear stains are horrifying. The vet didn't say a word about their stains. Plus the flavored probiotics seems to induce them to eat their dog food. What is up with dog food any ways? In my youth, I never saw a dog that didn't gobble up their food gusto?

Since I am feeling better, I'm wanting to unpack my paints and start painting again. Our house is up for sale. It has been adventure. The first buyers backed out. We packed quite a bit of our things. One of the rooms I packed up was the studio. The second buyers backed out.

The realtor advised we paint over my artsy walls with a nice neutral color. To be honest, I think it was mistake now. The roses and vines gave the room a feeling vibrancy and energy.  Anyways, my son is probably happy the fish painted on the bathroom walls are gone.



Woodsterman (Odie) said...

People that look at houses to buy don't to work on it before they move in. Your tastes are that exactly ... your tastes. Boring to you is move in ready for them. When we had dogs, they used to get boiled hamburger and kibble ... yup really.

Supi said...

I might have to try the boiled hamburger and kibble.