Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Today's Adventure.

The realtor had us and the dogs leave the house while the inspector and the buyers went over the house. On the way out of the house, the inspector arrived and gave us a better idea when we can come back.

Patches and Pumpkin were thrilled hanging out at Sonic Burgers. They like watching the cars on the freeway go by.

The next step was the duck pond. My husband couldn't remember how to get there so we ended up at the dog park. Pumpkin is 5 months old. This 5 month old labordoodle came running towards her. She rolled on her back when the dog was 5 ft away and started screaming. The big dog didn't touch her. My husband quickly picked her up. Patches on the other hand was off and running with the smaller dog at the park. It came time for the other dogs to leave.

This 12 week old border collie arrived at the dog park after the other 2 dogs left. At first Pumpkin screamed bloody murder at the puppy. My husband picked her up again. She noticed Patches and the Border Collie were having great fun. I had my husband put her on the ground then coaxed him to relax his hold on the leash.  She and my husband were both nervous. She and the puppy sniffed each other. The second I saw her relax I had my husband drop the leash and off the dogs went. The 3 dogs were running like the wind. 

We came back to the house. The inspector and the buyers were still here so we headed off to an ice cream place. The dogs could set outside and watch customers go by while holding a sit-stay or down-stay.

We finally head back home and everyone is gone. We open the door. Pumpkin alerted us that were indeed people that had been in our house. She turned to us and barked, "Go no further until I inspect the house to see if the intruders are gone". She maybe frighten of dogs but when it comes to her defending her home, she is brave.

Patches is tapping my leg with his nose. He is telling me it is time for dinner.


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Oh boy! Great fun was had by all.

Supi said...

Yep it was great fun!