Monday, June 3, 2013

Patches and Pumpkin Dog Grooming results.

Patches cleaned up and looking handsome.

 Patches loves grooming time in the morning.  He looks forward to his one on one time of being fussed over.                                               
Pumpkin's first ponytail.     

Pumpkin is starting to lay down for grooming. She thinks putting a ponytail in is fun and games. lol

The new neighbor behind us like to spend some of their evenings outdoors playing guitars and drums. Both my dogs have taken up singing to their instrumental playing. I don't know what the neighbors think of being accompanied with rooing.

To bring my dogs in from the backyard, I use a squeak toy. The neighbor's dogs behind us their play fighting sounds a little rough. When I brought my dogs in the other night with dog toy squeaking, the other dogs were rough housing. The other dogs stopped instantly. They wanted to play with the squeak toy.

Today the dogs escaped to the garage. They both kept tapping their noses on the car door to go for a car ride. Sorry spoiled puppies. No car ride today. 

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