Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Abilene Storm

This is a view of our crepe myrtle trees bending over in yesterday's storm. Our neighbor was having "gutter waves" going over onto his grass. You know I realized I'm a real redneck when I thought maybe I should get my dogs redneck beauty bath system (1/6 horse power submersible sump pump) into the gutter river and water the lawn with it. Redneck men would tell my husband he has a fine woman to think of these things.

According to the news, at least 40 utility poles were knocked down or damaged. I will have to hand it to the utility company getting the pole that supply our neighborhood electricity up and running again quickly as possible after being struck by a tree that had to cross 4 lane road to damage it.

My son isn't impressed with my new personal usb port humidifier for my dizziness.  I don't know if will help or not since it isn't putting out much humidity.


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I don't miss those days working outside during a storm for the telephone company.

Supi said...

The utility workers, fire department and law enforcement worked hard during this storm. I wonder how many calls the fire department went out on and thought, "You thought it was a good idea to drive through this instant lake?"