Friday, May 31, 2013

Patches and Pumpkin


My puppies are at the groomers today. I prefer to say they are at the doggie spa. Heck, what hairstylist do you know gives you a full body wash, pedicure, manicure and anal glands squeezed. Never mind. I don't want an answer if you have a hairstylist that does all that.

This is their first time at this groomers. I prefer doing their grooming.

Pumpkin is 4 1/2 months old.  She doesn't want me to remove her mat on her nose. Gosh her first mat just had to be on her nose. She can make alligator death roll look like an alligator is just turning over in his sleep. She is small and fast. I decided it is time to go to the pro. 

Patches will be a year old in June.   On the other hand he loves me to make his face look good. He just sits there like an angel when I brush his face.

The groomer called and said they did great! I figured my puppies would do fine with this groomer with 33 years of grooming experience behind her.  Unfortunately, one of them peed in the cage and they both have to be re-washed and re-dried.

This is Patches when he had his full coat. He was all fur!



Keads said...

Good looking dogs you have there!

Supi said...

Keads - Thank you. The best part, these dogs barely shed.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Mrs. Woodsterman never took that good of care of me.

Supi said...

Odie - What? Your Mrs doesn't cut your hair?