Friday, July 8, 2011

What's Happening...

I've been busy giving art classes. One of my students brought this delicious spicy lentil soup to class. It didn't taste like lentils at all. I'm impressed! She also brought over very ripe mangoes. She put them in the freezer.  When the mangoes were thoroughly chilled she had us eat them. It tastes like mango ice cream. It is so good it should be illegal!

My son had a kidney stone. It is heart wrenching to watch your son in so much pain. He is the most happy that it passed.

Unexpected, a tree limb broke off the huge tree. We had a tree expert come and look at our big old trees. We aren't too fond of the idea of another branch snapping off if we happen to be under the tree. Fortunately, the limb didn't break off because of disease. The tree expert said our trees are coming to the end of their life expectancy. He didn't think it was time to cut them down since they are all very healthy. Can our trees get Senior Tree Citizen discounts at the garden center now? It never hurts to ask! Face it, garden centers are plants and trees version IHOPs.

It has been super hot this summer here. I don't think it has been under a 100 in weeks. It was so sad when I was outside and thought 98 degrees at 10 am was cold. I am thinking it wouldn't be so bad to fly up in a C-130 and be pushed out the back end with a parachute over Nome, AK. It really wouldn't make sense if I am thinking 98 degrees is cold to go to some place a pleasant 54 degrees. It would feel like a freezer.


stopsign said...

Glad to hear your son's stone finally passed.
It's been hot here too. (I'm ready for Fall)

BTW~ One of my friends keeps telling me that Mango's will put you in "the Mood" to be honest I'm not sure what mood he was talking about. Do you?

Supi said...

@stopsign - Hmmm. Do you risk feeding him very chilled mangoes?

Teresa said...

I've heard that kidney stones are painful. I am glad to hear that your son is doing better.

It hasn't been quite that hot in my neck of the woods.

"Can our trees get Senior Tree Citizen discounts at the garden center now?" That's hilarious! Go for it! One can only try.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

The Mangoes sound good as it has been a hot summer here thus far as well. Not as hot like your region but above normal for the past decade as it used to be, the Earth is returning to normal as our past winter returned to normal as well.

That brings me to the tree topic; "End of life expectancy"? I have never heard of that at all in regards to trees? If I were you I would consult another "expert".

I am happy your son is better but how old is he? I am not at all sure what causes these 'stones' but I am moving in on 47 years of life and have yet to face that situation, Thank God, and wonder if diet might be the cause?

Madhat said...

I suppose trees like all things, wither and die eventually. Course the recent storms probably did not help either.

I would say her son is younger than that tree... :)

Diet can influence the formation of stones, but it seems that some also just have the disposition of getting them anyways.

Mangoes putting people in the mood? Sounds like a mango marketing ploy...

Supi said...

@Teresa - Glad he is out of pain. Glad you like senior tree humor.

@Christopher - City Trees life expectancy can be shorten down quite a bit compared to rural trees. Pine trees in West Texas have a very short life. East Texas the trees grow like weeds. West Texas mesquites grow like weeds.
My son is 24 years old.

@Madhat - Maybe marketing himself ploy.

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Supi, you've had a busy summer. Glad your son is better! I'll have to try that mango dessert!
Stay cool, it's awful here.

Keads said...

Glad your son is better!