Monday, July 18, 2011

Restless Heart - Fast Movin' Train

Fast Movin' Doggie Treat

She had a long list of doggie treats.
Mostly, the chewing kind.
The Chewy treat didn't want to be like the others
and get left behind.

Chewy treat heard about her incessant chewing reputation.
and how she had heart of stone.
How she gave her people parents a moment of pleasure
to get what she wants.
Her people parents had a weakness for her sweet eyes,
that they could never deny.

Chewy treat knew her people parents would never see it coming,
They were lost in her soft brown begging eyes.
The more the Chewy treat became aware
That she was breaking down her people parents
'til they no longer cared.

Yesterday, they saw red looking where the blue box should be,
The shining bar code price label pasted to the shelf was removed .
They knew the store had discontinued selling her favorite chewy treat
The Old doggie will not quit calling out the doggie treat name.
Her parents knew they were be hit by another fast movin' train.


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Thanks Supster!

Supi said...

@Odie- I went to the company website. The company is no longer listing the product. All these dogs that have this treat addiction are going to be on withdrawals.