Friday, April 1, 2011


Here's the project nearly finished.

Next time, I am going to let him crash the grocery cart into another person.

This woman was digging into her purse. She had this odd color "blond" hair that has been perm. Think of older women from times gone by whose hair resembles a white colored poodle where its curls are in dire need of going to doggie grooming salon. I couldn't see her face. I had to give you folks some sort of image for your minds.

My husband was looking at the fruit section but pushing his cart in a different direction. The lady is speeding her cart while looking inside her purse. It is a collision that is going to happen.

I said a little too loudly to my husband, "Honey, don't hit the old lady" Both stopped dead in their tracks along with every other shopper in hearing range too.

I realized immediately what I said. I quickly cover my mouth in full embarrassment. I am hoping the floor will open up and swallow me.

Old lady doesn't miss a beat and said to me, "You are a hell of lot older than I am". (Keep that one under your hat. It was educational.) She tells me her age. I tell her my age.  There is a man that is standing in earshot of us whose shoulders are going up and down like crazy. He is holding his stomach. He starts to walk away and can't walk a straight line. I think this older man is going to blow a gasket from not trying to let out escaped laugh sound.

Every time that lady saw me in the store I swear her eyes were calling me "Old biddy".

I asked my husband do I look older than she does... He said he isn't answering that question.


stopsign said...

Rofl! Thanks Supi so much for the laugh! I can't tell you how much I really needed one today.

BTW~ I bet you made that one man's day (I bet he let out a loud laugh when he was out of ear shot)

And your garden is looking beautiful~ Great work.

Supi said...

@Stopsign - I wasn't going to blog this at all, but I thought about you going through a rough time and knew you needed a good laugh.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Of course you don't. I can tell it's obvious.

Supi said...

@Odie - Stopsign needed cheering up!

Opus #6 said...

Supi, so many young ladies are doing their hair up like old ladies. For example, Hefner made such a big deal about his Girls Next Door a few years back. These gals were peroxide blondes and their hair was so white it looked grey. I think that white/blonde color is terribly aging.

Supi said...

@Opie - I agree the white/blonde color is aging. My permanent hair color keep letting the white roots return.

Amusing Bunni said...

That was a funny joke! I'm glad the old lady didn't smack you guys. Your yard looks lovely!