Friday, February 4, 2011

Young Son BPP Saga Continues

Last Sunday, my husband thought having my son's favorite meat, smoked pork chops, would be a great Sunday dinner while my son does his laundry. Dad's pork chop ended up going on my son's plate. He is missing his mom's cooking and dad sacrifice his pork chop. My son even popped the pork fat into his mouth and said it was good. The old puppy looked shocked there was no scraps for her. My son hinted that mac and cheese would be a great side dish to his favorite meat.

My son had to remote in via computer into his work because the snow and ice. What in the heck is this all about? When he lived here, he would drive his car no matter what the weather was and tell the old geezers its ok. I suspect he figured out how many hours he needs to work to pay for the deductible of a car accident.

His fabulous converted horse and carriage apartment, apparently the pipes are not insulated. The true meaning of frozen pipes are now in his vocabulary. No running water. He has to rough it to the landlord house to take his bath, get water to drink and use the bathroom. Since he hasn't had time to stock up food for eating in his first month of living in BPP, he has been huffing on foot it to Allsups fine dining gas station establishment. He calls them to make sure they are still open. I bet Allsups now knows him by name now.

All in all, he is having the time of life in his BPP.


stopsign said...

LOL, Now he knows how Good he's had it at home all these years. Sounds like Allsup doesn't cook as good as mom does :)
My son on his last dentist appt. They told him that he would have to wear braces soon. (He's a gagger and is totally against it) On the way home he said "Mama I really don't mind if my teeth are crooked" I told him he would mind it more when he got older and had to pay for them himself

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

My first apartment was great for a 23 year old surfer. It was a one bedroom that was about 200 yards from the water. It also had a great Ma & Pa store next door. All for $150.00 a month ... those were the days.

Supi said...

@Stopsign - Your son will thank you later. There's an Allsups on the way to Lubbock that has very good breakfast sandwiches. I haven't been in there when there wasn't a line up for sandwiches.

@Odie - I call that heaven.

Opus #6 said...

Ah, but mom's home cooking still lights up a boy's eyes. Especially a young adult. They find that pizza, burgers and hot dogs all the time is not as fun as it would have sounded to him once upon a time.

Supi said...

@Opie - Very true.

Amusing Bunni said...

Your son is so lucky to have such a wonderful family to come home to.
Tell him to keep a trickle of water running in the faucets so the pipes won't freeze! Ummmmm, pork chops! Next time he should save a scrap for the poochie! Have a fun weekend, Supi.

Supi said...

@Bunni - I have a feeling he will leave a trickle on now. You have a fun weekend too.