Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Other "Pilots"

I wouldn't want to be on the ship at 2:00.


Teresa said...

That was great, Supi! I enjoyed seeing the ship out out on the water. The waves looked pretty cool too. I always enjoyed going out on the boat during the summertime while growing up.

Supi said...

I wished I lived closer to the ocean.

stopsign said...

Great videos, I know I wouldn't be on that ship (Even if I wanted to) the way it was rocking I would have been in the ocean from the start of the trip

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Great vids Supi! Brings back memories for me.

Not that I was on rough seas, but my Dad was a Transportation Manager and as such I was able to meet many a Captain of such ships and tour them at dock while loading and unloading on the Detroit River.

One such time was for long lasting memories; My Dad and our family were invited to have dinner on-board a ship which flew the flag of Northern Ireland. Being I have two older brothers we were being boys and running around, I tripped and fell. No big injury (my pride more than anything) but I did suffer a bloody nose, the memory; the name of the ship was "The Bloody Hand",,,lol (True story)

Another? Being older and my Dad having "connections" managed to get us a ride on the only U.S. Mail Boat delivering mail while moving; the J.W. Wescott (
It is one helluva ride looking as though you are going to crash right into the bow of an oncoming freighter, then slam into the ships massive wake and then be literally kissing the side of the ship!

Supi said...

@Stopsign - A little too rough for you.

@Christopher - Nearly 25 years ago I worked for a shipping container company processing bill of lading with 3 other ladies. One day our boss asked us if we would like a tour of one our company ships out of the blue. If it means we get out of the office for once, you bet! The crew showed us the whole ship. Everything! It was awesome seeing the engines.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Great fun ah Supi.