Thursday, January 27, 2011

Green Bay Come Together

My friend in Michigan sent this to me.

When my son was going to college, there was a Packers and Cowboys older student fan attending the same classes as my son was taking.  He is a vet. He was selling his wares at kiosk on the base when I was selling at a kiosk on the base. I didn't realize he was student at the college and was a classmate of my son. My son didn't realized his older classmate knew me. I would call him by his real name. At school, he was called by his nickname "Sticks".

When Sticks found out a few years ago there was going to be Packers vs. Cowboys game in Dallas, he just had to go. The students suggested that he splurge going to this game by flying to Dallas and renting a car to get there. Sticks wasn't great at subtracting money he had in the bank plus his wife paid a few bill to help out in his subtraction difficulty. Airline tickets were paid for but he would have to forego renting a car and eating on game day.

Sticks is a character. He boarded the plane being dressed as the ultimate Cheddar Head fan and off he went to Dallas. Students begged Sticks not to hitch hike in Dallas. At that time, they didn't realized how Sticks was going to be dressed while he hitched hike in Dallas. Cheddar Head fans are the best. Another Cheddar Head heading to the game picked him up.

That night we were watching the news. There is Sticks being interviewed before the game started. You know, only the ultimate dressed fan would get the news reporter to interview him on the before game prediction. The news must hold results of the game for a little sports drama to make it exciting.  Sticks was going to be the guy to make the news report a little more his ultimate fan outfit. Too boot, Sticks loves to talk.

Cheddar Head Fans heading to the airport after the game gave Sticks a ride back to the airport. Sticks had stories to tell of his classmates of his adventures going to the Green Bay Packers vs Dallas Cowboys game.


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

In this house we have three favorite teams ... Number 1 is of course the 49ers and the other 2 are who ever is playing the Cowboys and the Packers.

Supi said...

Odie - I can't say I have a favorite football team.

stopsign said...

Loved the video and even more the story that went along with it :)

Supi said...

Stopsign - Glad you liked the vid and story.

Teresa said...

Great story! Interesting video. I had never been a fan of football til' we moved to Pittsburgh a few years ago. Now, I have Steeler fever.