Friday, November 5, 2010

Snails. I want snails.

Texans are interesting people. Texans do their best to get people to want things they declared they never want in their lives. It's a sport here.

For example. My best friend who was raised on a Texas ranch married a city slicker. He likes cats as long as the cats aren't residing at the same address as he is. They moved to her daddy ranch and built a house when he retired from work. He declared to her: No cats. She said that is fine. A couple of years of living on the ranch he discovered his electrical tools cords in the barn were chewed by rodents. Guess who begged for cats. Lots of cats.

His daughter wanted a horse when she was a little girl. No horses. Never. Nada. He told her when she can lift a bale of hay she could get a horse. He pointed to the big round bales. Well, years go by. He wants her to go the college he attended. She doesn't. He finds out about his old college has a Calvary. He tempts her to consider his college with buying a horse. He buys another horse to secure a serious consideration with she can bring the horses with her to college. Basically it is him saying, "I want horses".  I finally called them up to find out if he is sending horses to college too. No. But he is now taking care of horses while she is attending college.

When I purchased my aquarium plants, hitchhiker snail eggs were on them. These snails multiply like crazy. Well, I maintain one huge aquarium, one medium sized aquarium and one small aquarium. The plants are growing like crazy. The snails are happy but they don't eat the algae. My pleco in the large tank is huge so he keeps up with the algae in that tank. My little algae eaters in the medium tank can't keep up. The small tank has 2 big fish in it so adding another fish is out of the question. The big fish were in the huge tank but the fish are very territorial. I separated the 3 mated pairs. I read about nerite snails are supposed to eat green spot algae. Last thing I wanted is MORE snails and what am I saying, "I want snails." I ordered the nerite snails. My son made a ton of jokes about it. But these snails are the best window washers. This is great.. I don't have to scrape. These snails don't multiply in fresh water. Darn..