Friday, July 16, 2010

How life went today in Planet Neptune land.

This morning, I told my husband that I am telling my doctor that I worked out by using the blow dryer on my hair. I sweat faster than the blow dryer can dry nowadays. I ended up throwing the "head soaker" into the drawer again. No wonder older women used to stay for hours under the hair dryers at the salon when I was a kid. They had to get dehydrated first before their hair dried.

I thought for kicks at the base I would try on cougar attractant to see how my old man likes it. I sprayed on Obsession for women. This young airman says, "Can I make love to you? Wow this is quick. Wrong guy asking. I turned to look at him to give him, "Are you nuts look?" He called his girl on his phone and doesn't say hello first but says that. He realized what just happened and starts running. Thanks guy, I now know my "Are you nuts look" is very effective.

At the commissary they are cross training positions. Well, cashiers are now butchers, and butchers are now cashiers. I told the butcher cashier they are really messing up in the back with putting out these mini steaks. He quickly looks to see the messed up steaks and reads "beef for stew".

This other cashier is wearing his sun glasses on the back of his head. I asked him if he tells his kids he has eyes in the back of his head. He said something. I explained to him my planet Neptune universe. He loves it and plans on passing it on. We start talking about our kids that don't leave home. I said my son is dating a cougar. He starts to laugh hard. I said she told us if she gets a job she will move in with us. How screwy is that? She GETS a job means she moves into our home. He gives me his one-upmanship of his eldest daughter saga.

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