Friday, June 4, 2010

Silent Wings Museum

CG-4A Glider

Doesn't require electricity. CPU located in person operating it.

Japanese Navigation Computer
"Antique GPS Device"


Supi said...

Raspberries to the spelling bee protesters.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Oh no, did someone givd youf a badd tiime aboutt your spelllin ? I hate it when thaat huppens.

Tanks fu da tour Sonia.

Supi said...

No one has given me a hard time about my spelling. It just pissed me off when I heard about the spelling protesters. Here, these children are driven to be number one in something. If these children put as much drive into whatever they do in life as they did to get to the "Academy Awards of Spelling" each of them will be very successful in life. It hadn't occurred to the protesters that every single child participating in the spelling bee are proof effort becomes accomplishment.
I used to teach college math at a college on base. I told them, if you follow my plan, you will forever make A's in any math class. First rule: Read your math book. Every math book I have encounter starts with definition of numbers: Whole numbers, natural numbers, integers, real numbers, etc. There is a reason why every math book puts that boring stuff in. Amazing how the light bulb turned on in their heads.