Sunday, June 27, 2010

24 Years...

The Mr. and I have been married 24 years today. We met at McChord AFB. He worked in the Ed Center. The college I was starting to attend every class was filled so they asked if I had a problem attending on McChord AFB. Single young gal and mil men. I thought it was going to be dating like shooting fish in a barrel. Unfortunately, my theory was shot down in flames when I took classes. 99% of the students taking classes are married. The other 1% would be transferred the following term. Mr. informed me I found one.

He used to give me snarky comments then run behind the doors. He wanted me to tell you that. lol. He retired from the Air Force in '85 after 20 years of service. We married in '86. About an year later, he would return to his old job as civilian. He retired again 2008. He logged over 40 years of helping Airmen getting their Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate.

Dear, Happy 24th Anniversary.


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Well, I'd like to say first of all, Congratulations !!!. You still sound like a blushing bride very much in love with a special guy.

Here's to the next 24 years you two.

Keads said...

Congratulations! Lovely story!

Supi said...

Odie, more like he is the blushing groom.

Kelly, thank you.

Amusing Bunni said...

I was offline most all weekend, so I missed this lovely story.
Belated Happy Anniversary, Supi, and many more.

You are so lucky to have found your soul mate and I hope you two have many more years of wedded bliss!