Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine Magic Flowers

Way back in time, when I was in third grade, the teacher had this science experiment for the class. It was the teacher's first year of teaching. Ah, it was a learning experience for her too.

The project was growing kidney bean plants. The class saved their milk boxes from lunch. The teacher put some dirt and too much water in milk cartons for the kidney beans.

We had our scientific paper questionnaire we're supposed to fill out as the science experiment progressed. The teacher went around the room handing out several kidney beans from bag she bought at the grocery store. She told us to stick 2 beans into the watery dirt. We would later would have to make a decision if 2 plants spouted up to remove the weaker sprout. We were to study the other beans she gave us to answer the questions on the science paper.

This is where things started to go wrong. One boy whom lived 2 doors down from my house, he planted the freak bean. His bean sprouted two leaves before we started to fill our papers. Teacher thought he was kidding. He wasn't.

Our fingers were digging out the beans in the super watered soil to check the progress minute by minute because his bean sprouted. The classroom was getting streaked up with mud from checking to see if our beans would sprout. Chaos pretty much was on its way with students with the excitement of his bean sprouting so fast.

Let's say, teacher was then inundated with questions she couldn't answer. Why did his bean sprout and ours didn't? Wow, there are magic beans! So much for seeking scientific truth is now turned into jack's magic beans story is true. The question on the science paper, "how long does it take the bean to sprout?" answer became 10 minutes with teacher's magic beans.

Now you may wondering why I am bringing this up. My husband bought me boxed flowers to be delivered by UPS. He kept checking out the front yard yesterday to see if the flowers arrived. Around 4 pm hub decided to take a nap and slept a long, long time. After he woke up, he didn't think about flowers he ordered until 9 pm. He raced to the front door and found the box.

The UPS tracking said they arrived at 6:45pm. The flowers were in freezing, snowy temperatures. I opened the box, but my husband and I didn't have much hope for these flowers. They didn't look too well from the freezing temperatures. I was feeling sorry for my husband because he was trying to make it a nice Valentine's day for me.

The glass vase was icy cold. I waited until the vase warmed up to room temperature. I followed the directions: cutting off the stems ends, adding the plant food to the water and room temperature water. I was reading the virtues of these flowers to my husband by the stove that you can watch them open up. We both looked at the vase on the kitchen table. OMG the flowers are moving around like crazy. It is like they are sucking up water by gulps. Our eyes were wide until I realized the heating vent is blowing air. But for a second, I was back in 3rd grade watching Jeff's freak magic bean.

The flowers look beautiful now as you can see by the photo.

Happy Valentime's Day

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